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"Helping those deported at Angeles sin Frontera's (Farmworker's deported)"

Helping those deported at Angeles sin Frontera's (Farmworker's deported)

I am the daughter of my hardworking father Heriberto Luque who worked for 34 years at the Alfalfa mills in Holtville. He started like most with just a dream to help his family have a better life. He worked the graveyard shift. He was such a good worker that they sponsered him to get his green card and eventually his residency and died a US. Citizen. My uncle worked during the Ceasar Chavez times and had the union card his name was Lauro Guerrero who passed this last year, at his funeral a hard worker Dr. Tittle was at his funeral and spoke of the cause and said that my uncle was one of the last of the 3 left from that era and he considered him a personal friend. He wondered who would take the Causa he said. He died a month later. My passion is helping people that are hardworking and want better for their family. We have gone and donated food, clothes and food supplies to those most in need that have been separated from their families because of immigration deportations. We need to have immigration reform to make these farm workers not an illegal alien, but a welcome worker into the United States with no fear of right taken away or being seperated of their families, we need to have a comprehensive immigration reform.. Our people need to be educated to know how they can defend their rights and to have people look out for their rights. They need a chance like my father to become a full US Citizen with honor with all their hard work, respect of laws and person’s, good conduct and show consistency to produce good people.